We're with you, every step of the way.

NEW Location from 14 January 2013: 

Suite 7, 109 Whitehorse Road, Blackburn


Welcome to JEM Partners

At the end of the day, business is personal. It's about the people who work there and their families. And the people the business works for, and their families, and so on. It's like the ripples created by a stone falling into still water.  


How can we help you today?

JEM Partners is dedicated to helping you create prosperity and success, because so much depends on your business thriving and prospering.

Our fully integrated financial services give you the ability to confidently plan for each year's end, while setting goals for two, five or ten years ahead ... and even while laying the foundations of a long, comfortable and secure retirement.

You can be sure that your immediate needs are well taken care of, while you can also focus on the future and the diverse challenges and opportunities it holds.

  • When that means making complex tax issues clear and simple, we're there.
  • When that means assisting with challenging business decisions, we're there.
  • When that means developing a financial and investment* plan, business and personal, we're there.
  • When that means setting up protection for your assets and your family, we're there.
  • At JEM, we help you take all the steps to achieve personal and business success.

From the first step to the last, from the bottom to the top, our team of professional accountants and authorised financial advisers are with you, every step of the way.

Contact us today to start a discussion of your needs and goals and how we can help you attain them. No charge. No obligation.

We look forward to helping you attain prosperity and success.

Best wishes

The Team at JEM Partners

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